You – poem

We are told everydayTo be ourselvesTo be uniqueTo think out of the boxTo do something newTo seize the dayTo conquer ourselvesTo cross our limitTo set the bar higher But life is complicated enoughTo even think about anythingLife is fullFull of feelingsStoriesProblemsDecisionsDilemmas To even listen to anything And sometimes we are burdenedBy words and promisesAnd we [...]

Harsh Harmony – poem

This a poem about the harsher harmonies in life. It is about how nothing is perfect. About how every thing has no shape, but is shaped. It is painfully shaped, alloyed with harsher harmonies. HARSH HARMONY I was created We all were And more things are being created In our presence But it is astounding [...]

Still -poem

How easy is it to stand stillAnd not be affected by lifeBy constant fallsAnd rises and turnsThat life takesThat we are eventually forced to take How is it easy to do nothingWhile everyone is upon youAnd turning against youIn the circles of lifeWhile things are changingEvery now and then How is it easy to stand [...]

Carnations And Carnage

I’m looking at life And I see three crossroads One which was filled with carnations The other littered with carnage And the last Leads to nowhere Leads to a place Neither heaven nor hell I’m looking at choices All deceiving me Trying to attract As well as push me away I’m running out of time [...]

This New Age

Here we are, living in a world where we are all treated differently. And because of this fact, we too begin to divide our selves - unconsciously. We oversee all similarities, we oversee the bonds that everyone shares, we forget that we are supposed to be united. We indeed, forget. We forget the fact that [...]

The Beginning Of The End – poem

It is the beginning of the endAnd yes, it has startedRulingTaking over our livesChanging them tooIt is like a death that is just startingJust starting to dieA complete stage of life Starting Taking ages. It is the beginning of timeWhen time seems to slow downAnd when we lose out on timeAnd when time outsmarts usWe [...]